Scan Week

I’m going back to the hospital for scans today, and then will see my doctor tomorrow.  These visits come up every three weeks (scans every 6), since I’m part of a clinical trial.  Mostly I don’t mind the frequent visits, but traveling 3.5 hours each way so often gets kind of old.  It’s hard to say exactly how I feel when it comes to scan weeks.  It makes me nervous, but I also know there is nothing I can do about the results.  It is what it is.
Treatment is going well – so I’m still on the drug that I started at the end of January, Lorlatinib.  Funny story – I took Crizotinib half-way through a backcountry marathon a while back and thought I was going to lose the contents of my stomach – it was terrible.  I took my Lorlatinib pill 8 miles into 14 and felt perfectly fine.  Go figure…drugs and science are crazy!
I feel good, though.  I pre-ran the Aspen Backcountry Half-marathon a few weeks ago, rode my mountain bike for 34 miles and went for a 15-mile hike up to a high mountain pass in Glacier National Park.  I continue to run and even got signed-up for the Minneapolis Marathon in October.  Really, things are pretty good!
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2 thoughts on “Scan Week”

  1. Ben, you are courageous, tenacious, and an absolute inspiration! I can only appreciate the journey that you’ve been on, hiking, biking, and running your way through the treatment pathway. Keep up the great work, follow Dr. Aki’s orders, and I’ll look forward to meeting you and running a few miles during our 26 mile jaunt. ALL IN!!!

  2. Ben, I am very impressed and deeply pleased by your ability to survive with such tenacity. It has been years since we’ve connected, but you have been on my mind and i find your story to be inspirational. Keep fighting and striving to live the best life ever bro! Hope to connect with you in the future.

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