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American Thoracic Society and Bay to Breakers!

I just returned from this year’s American Thoracic Society meeting in San Francisco and it happened to coincide with the Bay to Breakers race (more on that later…!). I met up with some of the best minds in the Interventional Pulmonary field and I feel truly blessed to be included in this group. I was able to participate in very fruitful discussions, as well as compete in a competition with a group of individuals that I have looked up to for years, and continue to look up to. I will never forget this year’s ATS.

I am a neophyte in my clinical career as an Interventional Pulmonologist, and entered into the field in a non traditional way. I am not discounting all of the hard work I have done, but honestly, I still pinch myself when I am around this group of talented men and women.

Going into this year’s ATS I had a few objectives to fulfill – let me list them:
1. Educate physicians about the importance of The Nodule Project and LungDirect
2. Begin conversations with potential partners to ensure pulmonary nodule management software can reach as many people as possible
3. Do my best in a competition against the world’s best

I was able to talk to many doctors and nurses about The Nodule Project and LungDirect – thanks to all of you that spent time to check out what we are working on. Item 1, check!

At the top right of this page, it says “Time is everything, Let’s get going.” With that in mind, collective potential is the motivation for item two. How do we get more people managing nodules more appropriately, and faster. The answer is coming together with like minded people and solving the problem together. Three guys who have been in the nodule management game for the past 15 years have expended much political and personal capital for the cause and my many thanks go out to Jon, Eric and Chet. Truly wonderful people who I am blessed to call friends. Can’t forget to thank Jackson too. Item 2, check!

I was invited to a Bronchoscopy Challenge along with 14 other doctors from the top institutions in the country. We all took a bus down to the site and learned about some innovative technology that has a chance to change the way doctors in our field diagnose cancer. I was able to spend time with Dr. Kyle Hogarth and Dr. David Wilson, both responsible for many advances in our field, and both whom have become good friends. I had a good showing and will always continue to attempt to get better and learn from the best. Item 3, check.

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Photo showing the docs walking into the challenge.

Finally, back to Bay to Breakers. What a unique event. I was meeting with a company at 8am and out the window were thousands of people running in costumes, and some even with no clothes at all.

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I don’t know why, but this guy in the Trump costume made me laugh.

What a great weekend, and I’m already looking forward to next year. Thanks to all who are joining the movement, I’m excited to share the journey!


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